With C la Vie Serge Aimé Coulibaly takes his place in a rich tradition and creates a new contemporary initiatory story to explore life and our way of being in the world in 2023.
The 9 performers join on stage - a public square where anything can happen, and nothing is lost. As they embark on this initiatory journey, they invite us to witness the disappearance of the old world. No initiation is possible without experiencing - however temporary - the instability of the world.
In this story, there is no long series of various obstacles and no hero who must overcome them, but one single great challenge: how to be together? At the heart of the initiatory journey that is C la Vie is the Encounter - with music, with the other, with reality, with time, with the planet, with the loved one, and so on. The only thing that matters is the event of the encounter and the quest to connect oneself to the world.
C la Vie is not about filling a gap, but about radiating the fullness of the possibilities of being together as an antidote to this contemporary world that is spiralling into its own destruction.

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Wakatt, the new creation by Serge Aimé Coulibaly, is part of a body work that examines daily reality and social changes through a dance language that starts from internal violence, human instinct, urgency and the need to express oneself, to say something concrete through the body.

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From the past forever reverberates the present. Kirina draws from the source of the Mandingue epic tales, and gets its strenght from the song of Soundiata. From these myths emerges the all-encompassing modernity of a universal artistic language. As we follow the destiny of a people that marches towards a collective future, Kirina takes us on a journey that speaks of exile, displacement, hope, and of the incomparable wealth that comes out of confronting different worlds and experiences.

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Fitry, the newest solo performance of Serge Aimé Coulibaly, with Jean Robert Koudogbo Kiki is a sequel to Fadjiri (2013). It is the vulnerability, moving and at the same time powerful, that gives Fitry its full meaning, and encourages us to meet people in this post-Covid-19 world.

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Kalakuta Republik

Short of breath, panting, bodies shaken by a unconquerable pulse, over a music that spreads from one coast to another and tells us about the world, lucid, whole, with an astounding beauty.
Animal, lascivious, warlike, sensual, contemplative, this energy is, above all, the energy of the revolt and of absolute commitment. It catches emotions, upsets beliefs, reveals our depths.
Fela gives us, with his breath and his respiration, a chaos that you need to cross to explore in ourselves the strength of our own individual liberty.
What do we have to say, what do we have to refuse, today, in this world that is quaking with fear and that is closing itself off more and more ?

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Sleepless Nights in Ouagadougou

The revolution is there, omnipresent, in the electrified bodies of the dancers, in the raised fist rap by Smockey, in the hope of the street, in the premonition of an artist who dreamt this play two years beforehand. Combats, suffering, humiliation and hardships find their release in the will to live and the urgency to speak out and recapture the voices.

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There is a time at night, just before dawn, where evil demons come out of hiding and push around men they meet for fun.
Doubts that torture into trance, the need to find solidity in a time where every footstep encounters nothing but incertitude, a loss of bearings travelling to the terminus on a private journey… then coming back stronger with an instinctive animal energy and absolutely assured of a will to live.
This is the way of the man, swaying, shaky, but always finding his verticality.

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A place, precise, unknown. Six characters, battered, shattered, far from their share of trampled humanity, crushed and scarred by violence, inequalities, wars.
They have to take difficult paths to find out how to live with themselves and go, finally, towards the other. Creating their own lives, new ones from patches of their past and freeing their demons to tame them. Finding inside themselves, this elsewhere, which allows them to rise up again and to hope once more.

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What do you hang your dreams on when all around you, everything is in ruins ? How do you reignite and let a youth shine that has been extinguished through apathy, that has been absent from its history ?
Africa is not only a land of massacres and desolation : there have always been islands of upright men, lucid, passionate, who left behind all fatalism and decided to change.

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Loneliness of an Honest Man

How do you stay standing when you have lost hope and the past full of passion, confident, serene with the political sense of Thomas Sankara, is a painful reminder of the decline of the present ?

A man in exile, uprooted from his land, his culture, his engagements, precarious in his insecurity. He tells you his story, fights his sorrows, between revolt, rage and despair, to try and bring back the broken pieces.
In looking to find himself again, he calls to this other that he misses so.

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A Benguer

There are those who left, who tried to cross over to this fantasy elsewhere and who met with a vicious reality.
They come back, sometimes, not for long, for some rare holidays, and meet in the bars those who dream of going, leaving behind unemployment, leaving difficulties and horizons with no hope. Moments of sharing and confrontation, in a place where they can let it all hang out, a place where dreams and alcohol numb the real.The troubled daily life, the painful integration in that beyond, will not be said, as exile remains for those who would flee misery and a lightless life, the only hope to create themselves a future.

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Et Demain

Serge Aimé's first and quite unsettling group piece.

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