"Oh my body, make me forever a man who
questions himself !" - Frantz Fanon, Black skin, white masks

Being a dancer and a choreographer today :

The space of the stage is a curious place : speaking out, with your voice, your body, with light or music, shows a commitment to really say what has to be said, whether it be to question, to upset, to scratch or to console. For Serge Aimé, the arts are merely a pretext to the urgent awakening of consciences : how do we clearly give a snapshot of the present moment and touch the public in their emotions, with the hope of a shining open skylight on to future solutions ? Through his teachings, the students travel towards their very own vocabulary of gestures, revisit their beliefs, free themselves from their habits, and think about the voyage they want to undertake to define themselves in their originality, through their personal history and their cultural heritage. What is the path towards this modern personal language, essential to express today’s world and to fulfil the difficult personal alchemy of beauty and of meaning ? Serge Aimé created in 2013 a danced conference called When I Dance I Also Talk and When I Do Not Talk, I Dance Perhaps which now is touring on every continent. He was also a teacher in l’Ecole des Sables de Germaine Acogny, in l’Académie Nationale de Danse de Rome and in the Conservatoire Royal de Mons.