Talk to him about bolons, the baala drum, the kondé lute, about bougarabous or about the bara, and he will bring you with him on his journeys to the heart of these original instruments in West Africa. Yvan is passionate, and this quality can be heard in his music.
Inspiring words : “Happy are the cracked ones, because they let the light through” Michel Audiard
Guide : Anders Trentemoller
Training Years : Conservatory studies in traditional music (CA and DE), Guinean art and cultural studies, mandinka instrument maker, the streets and the cities of the villages in West Africa, computer aided music, samplers.
Met on his way : Elsa Wolliaston, Julie Dossavi, Merlin Nyakam, Anthony Egéa, Bouba Landrille Tchouda, Kader Attou.

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