Artistic Director, Choreographer


Addressing the world’s complexity with clear expressions and emotions, accessible to all, layman or novice. What responsibility can we take on, all of us, each at our own level, to bring hope ? And there is also Serge Aimé’s laugh, powerful, frank and communicative : hear it just once and you’ll never forget it !
His inspiring words : “If you only have one tooth, make sure it’s white”
His guide : Thomas Sankara
Training Years : compagnie FEEREN (Burkina Faso), Amadou Bourou, CNC de Nantes, Claude Brumachon, Danse à Lille.
Met on his way : Alain Platel, Sibi Larbi Cherkaoui, Rachael Swain, Nathalie Cornille, Farid Berki, Julie Dossavi.d

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