Light Technician


Full lights, low angled or spot lights, all the way down to pitch black, Hermann knows all the nuances of shade and light and he uses them with subtlety to light up what is said and what is danced. Indispensable !Hermann has been illuminating us since 2008.
Inspiring words : “The slave that is not able to assume his revolt does not deserve that we pity his fate”, Thomas Sankara
Guide : Thomas Sankara
His training Years : stage management at the Institut Français (Ouagadougou), tour management at the Choreographic Development Centre (Ouagadougou), Lightning control console ETC at the Center of Professional Training in Show Techniques (Paris).
Met on his way : Festival de théâtre Les Recreatrales, Festival de Danse Dialogues de Corps, Etienne Minoungou, Amadou Bourou

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