Video Creator


Eve sparkles, loves, imagines and puts into images ; creates scenery, whips out her camera and photographs or films whatever touches her. The Book of Lila, Terra Sola and Black Forest are short films that came from her fertile imagination.She has accompanied us on stage since 2013.
Inspiring words : “if fire was burning my house, what would I take ? I’d like to take the fire… ” Jean Cocteau
Guide : Jean Cocteau
Her training Years : music videos, advertising, decorating, live video installations.
Met on her way : Micha Wald, Bouli Lanners, Delphine Noels, Patrice Toye, Virginie Gourmel, Joachim Lafosse, Fien Troch, Eric Lavaine, Stéphan Kazadjan, Remi Bezançon, Michel Gondry, Brice Cauvin, François Xavier, Benoit Mariage, Tom Darmstaedter, Mathieu Donck and Eric Valette, les Frères Malandrain.

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