Choreographer, dancer


A dancer on a tightrope, between fragility and power, Ado commits himself with strength and tells us all about the reality of his contemporaries, right to the end. It is the same in his choreographies and in his teaching.He has shared his jubilatory energy with the Faso Danse Théâtre since 2009.
His solo Spirit was rewarded with the third prize in the competition Simply the Best West Africa of Bobo Dioulasso.
His inspiring words : « Ce ne sont pas les devoirs qui ôtent à un homme son indépendance, ce sont les engagements. » Louis de Bonald
Guide : His father
Training Years : Ecole des Sables, Germaine Acogny, Salia Sanou, Seydou Boro, Vim Vandekeybus, Vincent Montsoe, Opiyo Okach, Gregory Makoma, Nora Chipaumire.
Met on his way : Irène Tassembedo, Vera Sander, Olivier Tarpaga, Nadia Beugré.

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